Departments of Insurance

In today’s Turkey, everything investors can collect under risk can be securitized by Turkish insurance companies and companies can strengthen their financial structures through this. The insurance sector has an important place in the finance sector since they not only strengthen the financial structures of companies but also with the high funds in their supervision, and when it is considered that there are still a number of fields waiting to be evaluated in the field of sea and industrial insurance, it could be said that its importance will increase in the near future.

The Department of Insurance aims to train staff with the knowledge and skill to increase service quality, create solutions, analyze markets and develop marketing skills in order to work in the insurance sector.

Employment fields of graduates from the Department of Insurance :

There are employment opportunities with insurance companies, Association of Turkey Insurance and Reassurance Companies, reassurance companies as well as public agencies such as Undersecretariat for the Treasury and General Directorate of Insurance.

OSYM Information :

Medium of Instruction : Turkish

Duration : 4 years